WordPress ECommerce on Existing Website


Product Description

So you already have an excellent WordPress blog. The design of looks great and it’s receiving some good traffic. Why not make some extra cash by including Ecommerce? This product is specifically tailored to the needs of Ecommerce websites with up to 1000 products.

The steps we take to make your online presence felt:

1. Analysis of your site to see if it’s suitable for adding Ecommerce. If it’s not, no payment will be required.
2. Creation of a backup copy of your website before any changes are made.
3. Creation of a test website that is a copy of your existing website.
4. Addition of the best Ecommerce solution to suit your needs.
5. We will manually add up to 20 products to demonstrate how it’s done.
6. Online training on how to use the system with PDF documentation provided.
7. Installation of the site (ensuring another backup is made) with Ecommerce and the initial products added.