From Custom CMS to WordPress

For years, we developed websites using our own proprietary Content Management System (CMS). We’ve since made the transition to WordPress for a number of reasons:

  1. WordPress is supported by a community of many thousands of developers.
  2. The plugins; there are plugins to suit 90% of the requirements of websites, from Contact forms through to complete Ecommerce solutions, we use Woo Commerce.
  3. Rapid deployment of websites; we can create websites within 2-3 days with WordPress.
  4. It is easy for out clients to keep their website up-to-date. Simply add a blog or a page to get the content added.

Some of the disadvantages of WordPress:

  1. Making customisations can take longer with WordPress as there is an extra layer of code to get through. As a result, if we wish to make a more customised website as an application, we use our proprietary CMS.
  2. Fixing errors can be more difficult.
  3. Finer interface customisations can, at times be more time consuming.

For most purposes, WordPress works right out of the box for rapid website deployment on a limited budget.